Complete Book Design

A full service for the author who wants their whole book put together by an experienced designer. Your cover and interior pages will be designed and formatted – ready for you to send to a printer and upload as an ebook. You just need your final manuscript and artwork (which can be final or in progress) to get started.

This complete book design package includes:

• Design of your book’s front cover, back cover and spine

• Your book cover in paperback and hardcover formats*

• A barcode generated from the ISBN number that you provide

• Laying out your book’s interior pages using your manuscript and illustrations (ie. combining text and art in the right places to make a page look engaging, beautiful and easy to read)

• Formatting your book (cover + interior) for printing and fixed-format ebook*

• A flatplan of your book at the start of the project and help putting together a dummy, if required

• A choice of fonts and setting typographic style for your book

• Minor modifications to illustration where needed – for example, colour correcting artwork from RGB to CMYK, filling in the odd bit of missing bleed and small adjustments to cover artwork

• Art direction guidance to your illustrator in relation to page or cover design (if illustration is still being completed)

•  If you haven’t had artwork specifically made for your cover, I can identify suitable illustration from your interior book artwork and adapt that to use for the cover

• Three rounds of revision after a cover concept & visual style is confirmed (see information on the design process here)

Once the cover and interior book design is complete and approved, you’ll receive:

• Print-ready PDFs of your cover – one for paperback and one for hardcover – according to the requirements of your printer or POD service (eg. KDP or IngramSpark).*

• Print-ready PDF of the interior pages according to the requirements of your printer or POD service.*

• For your ebook: an EPUB file of your internal pages and JPG of your front cover

• A non-print PDF of your full book

• Flat graphic files (JPGs) of your book cover and interior pages, and three 3D renders of your book

* Please note that this complete book design package includes design and formatting for one page trim size and one printer or POD service (see Optional Extras below if multiple sizes and formats are required).

I understand that some authors like to print their paperbacks with a different print service to their hardcovers so you can select one printer per each of these formats at no extra cost. The result will still be one print-ready PDF for paperback and another for hardcover.

The complete book design package = from $1000 USD
($1500 AUD)

This is the approximate price for a picturebook up to 24 pages without optional extras. The starting price per page is $25 USD ($37.5 AUD). Please fill in the enquiry form below to receive a real quote for your book.

Optional extras:

 • Dust jacket design = $100 USD
($150 AUD)

• Formatting for additional printers (or POD services) = $50 USD per extra printer
($75 AUD)

Other extras (price on enquiry):

• Licensing of stock graphics

• Redesigning the book cover and interiors for additional page trim sizes (pricing will depend on the new book dimensions)

• Full art direction of the book’s interior illustration (ie. working directly with your illustrator from the start to consult on all aspects of the artwork, not just regarding how it relates to the page design)

A 50% deposit is required upon signing of the contract (before design work actually begins)

Sound good? Let’s get started!

There are a few things that you’ll need to finalise before we can begin: 

• The page trim size (in mm or inches)

• The number of pages in your book

• Your book’s ISBN number

• Which printer or POD service you’ll be using

• If using a POD service, your paper / print quality selection with them

• Any and all text that is going to appear your cover (already edited and finalised)

• Your manuscript will need to be edited and ready to be published (this is not the stage for making changes to the text)

• Any other text that will be going into your book should also be edited and ready to publish: this includes your copyright (imprint) page text, plus any acknowledgements, bios and cross-promotional material

• If you have any specific design instructions or thoughts on where you would like illustration to be placed, please have these prepared in advance for us to discuss

• You should have access to the final high resolution files for your cover artwork (if applicable) and interior artwork (if complete)** and any other visual assets that you’d like to include in your book, such as logos or award graphics

**If your illustrator is still working on cover or interior artwork, that’s OK too!

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